Development (DC)

This is the entry level into the Single System - Player Pathway. The DC coaching programme takes place in the summer (from 2017) and consists of 6 hours coaching which is followed by an assessment day to allow coaches to determine who should advanced to the next phase of the system.

For a player to get to be invovled in the DCs, local coaches, clubs & schools will nominate individuals for their closest centre. We ask that nominations arent just the strongest players but those who are felt to have good potential and would benefit from being part of the player pathway.

Dependant on numbers nominated for each centre there is the possibility that particpants maybe be requested to attend an assessment session at the venue to reduce the numbers for an age group to ensure the experience is beneficial. (However in most cases it will be down to who can complete their admin promptly) Alternativly in some cases particpants may be offered the chance to attend a different centre to complete the programme but this of course would require committing to travelling to the alternative venue. An assessment would cost £3 to attend, payable on the day. Dates and infomation to be released as an when required. 

This years DC programme (starting July 2016) will cost £20 per person and this covers all 6 hours worth of coaching sessions. Sessions will be 3 hours long with dates and times likely to vary across the various centres.


Once invited it is expected that a participant will attend 9 hours worth of sessions to be eligible to progress to the next phase (AC). However, extenuating circumstances are considered but must be made known as soon as possible so an assessment can be made on each situation. (Contact -

Once invited / nominated by your club coach or school -

-Must create an account on this website (LINK)

-Must update their an account on this website (LINK) If you didn't proceed to AC in the last cycle you will need to create a new account on this website.
-Must ensure EHB Online Registration System profile is updated from previous year.



CENTRE LOCATIONS - Please find directions on 'Find Us' pages

Tiverton - Venue - Dates and time tbc

Plymouth - Venue - Dates and time tbc

Exeter - Venue - Dates and times tbc

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